Canada Goose Coats a parka

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Canada Goose Coats a parka


I flew back to Toronto at the end of February and haven't left. The style in size XXS measures 48" inches in overall length, and is truly full - length on 5'2" me, falling a mere 6 or so inches above the ground with my trusty Sorel Caribou Boots on wear with Smartwool socks for maximum warmth.

As far as the comparison to the Goose, I would definitely say its warmer, but it's not a huge or noticeable difference. I've never really been cold in my Goose which is good, but I have since I'm paying close attention, noticed that the sleeves are warmer when I pull my hands in.

I've spent more time at home in Toronto than I have in the past decade. To drive home PETA's message, volunteers "wearing nothing but body paint and faux - fur ears and tails" would be posing "in bloody leg - hold traps" outside retailers selling Canada Goose parkas over the weekend.

Alaana Tatty is one of this year's designers, and is also the founder of Canada Goose Coats a parka making school at her local community centre in Rankin Inlet, Nunavet. On designing for Canada Goose, she says, "Knowing someone out there, around the world, will own one of my parkas makes me nervous - and excited.

The Toronto jacket (1,495) is available in white for women and navy for men (inspired by the Toronto flag), and includes a 3 - in - 1 design to help combat all "unpredictable" elements of the Canadian winter. This includes a down - filled outer shell and a removable lightweight down inner shell.

The Exterior - Like all Canada Goose jackets, they are water and wind - resistant. Take Luxton: the Toronto - based label has officially rebranded the one - piece snowsuit into a veritable fashion item, thanks to its sleek seriously, it's not even remotely bulky quilted version.