Junk = actual prices of things post

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Here's my meals: Anchovy Pizza (Heals 18 finest food at F2P (do not say anything about kebabs cause they aren't reliable)) I am trying 60 all around and prob all of 66 so that I could maintain the hiscores. I will also be using strength pots all the time to RuneScape gold speed up training. And my cash pile is 3.1 mil if that needs saying. Combat is 73 in case your wondering. But just how much exp can I expect one hour in my stats? If you want a 99 skill quick, and just because of the ability cape, get 99 fletching or ingesting. They're the quickest skills to get. Fletching would price 4-5m if you don't market the bows that you make. 99 cooking will probably cost a good deal at first but you should sell the fish you cooked to your cash back. Good cash and an impressive skill cape to have.Cadantine potions(unf) are great. You may buy a clean cadantine for around 1.5k and a vial of water to 100gp. The bare potion is around 2k road price. Basically anything you can't sell can be used as crap. Cases in my bank would be 10k bone bolts which nobody purchases. Query: What are new things used for junk mostly. Id like to know so we could demonstrate all tsg what is good to use. Junk = actual prices of things post

Answers: I offered a buddy who got his main banned to buy his 1-70 fletching junk (about 1.8m (un ) bows) for example maple logs are 44 gp and maple longbow (u) are 144 gp. Pouches will be the new standard (in the Ge merch worth 1b+ net value). Bone bolts that we purchased and will never sell are used just a little. Scrolls from my early summoning. Lmao ive seen oil lanturns, uni torstol and cadatine, spirit pouches, iron\steel pl8\arrows + uni bows... any more?

Ok, I am one of those people who wishes to make sure I get the most from my cash, and I don't want to be paying for RS is I'm not fully ready for this. My first question is: Am I prepared for p2p after I receive a few stats upward (more on this later)? My second question is: If I'm ready, just how much money should I get to find some fantastic armor/weapons/etc. And my next question is: What are some things I need to do if I move p2p? (Like quests, or abilities or mini-games). Fundamentally, what are some things to do to get me moving in the right direction? Here are my stats as of right now: Just like I said, I am still training a couple of, so the ones who will change are: Def: 65 (or 70), Pray: 43, Mage: 63, WC: 75, Mine: 70+ (depending on how much money I'll need)

My fm will alter, and so will my smithing, and probably my crafting, however I don't believe those are that important. If they are, tell me exactly what they should be at. With these stats, am I going to get the most from my money in P2P? About how much money do I want to Best OSRS Gold site get some fantastic things like abby whip, d wc axe, and armor (and that armor should I get?) What quests/mini-games should I do to help me on my way? Sorry for asking so many questions, however I want to ensure I'm ready and that I do not waste any money or time. Thanks in advance for any help!