What exactly does this mean?

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Offering unique in-game advantages that aren't possible with RuneScape Gold standard game play. What exactly does this mean? What exactly does this mean? They've been available from the start of the game, and they will not be removed from the website unless RWT is removed completely. These are what I mean.

Skilling Outfits - sets of clothing that boost all XP gains by up to 6 percent. It is available through game play: Firemaking. Theft. Construction. Hunter. Fishing. Mining. Woodcutting. You can earn RWT through Crafting, Smithing and Herblore.

Although bonus xp makes up an important portion of the SOF there are two kinds of bonus XP. Half of all skilling outfits are easily obtained through minigames and activities. The addition of these outfits to the SOF detracts from the achievement of getting a skilled outfit.

Slayer Masks. Slayer Masks. A large part of Slayer is the randomness in tasks assigned. Slayer masks let you completely bypass this and continue doing the same tasks each day.

Wicked Pouch. For years players have longed for 2007 RS Items a rune-holding object. It is now only available via Solomon's Store. It is possible to switch between prayer or spell books at any point with this item.