You can dock at any port in runescape

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Because it has been proven to be effective. Runescape was never invented If that argument can be applied to new versions OSRS Items. MMOs have been around for over 15 years. This isn't a lot of time to already have traditional panaceas. Jagex is looking for easy cash. The unregulated gambling that SoF allows is a highly addicting game. It's a natural fit. It's a long-term game. It is not.

Two reasons are why players will become bored of it, and the law lags behind, but will catch up once politicians realize that tax revenue is there to be earned. Japan went through this lately, they controlled their social games which included gambling, and the game companies were mostly stopped operations. Because by that time they weren't concerned about the game, only the money.

Jagex should have asked players questions regarding EoC. It could have given them dual wielding, the skills such as items dropping or emotes as well as a slow progression. If it was even possible. This could have made the world more peaceful. Jagex refuses players to tell them what they want. It's like they can't handle change unless it's under their control. In this case the new mission seems to be apt. The End of the Road.

A lot of players have stopped playing, which has caused a decline in the economy. This is why you can find so many items such as rocktails sharks ore bars and armour. The game has not had enough players purchasing these items and this means that the prices of the mentioned items are dropping. This has caused many armour pieces to fall RS 2007 Fire Cape Buy, but it will eventually level out.