Lots of great points.

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Lane steals will be the thing that ruins most gamers' experience. One of the issues is that you literally spam steal while remaining in the same spot. Lane steals that are passing should be a gamble. Pressing steal at the wrong time should take you out of place. A failed steal attempt should result in an open man. Additionally, it is too simple for non defensive assembles for death lane steals.I feel screens will need to be worked with. I should not be hauled into displays and have an elite get two feet of NBA 2K21 MT Coins separation. I believe they need to make shooting as builds with 75 3pt should not have the capacity to shoot 7 for 7 from heavy even when they mastered their own jumper. Shooting just has to be even. If u have a 3pt rating then you should have the ability to green but nobody ought to legit be shooting 60% or greater when no at the league can even shoot that high of a percent.

Lots of great points. I agree non shooting builds should struggle, which makes NBA 2K21 far more balanced. In terms of screens, I made a post like this one in case you're searching for another guide on how to effectively navigate them. Thanks for the response! I want a basketball game. I can't stand playing with rec bc the death in NBA 2K21 is awful. The passing lanes would be to easy to sit and every move is very slow. Along with that gamers should be penalized for spamming steal on moves. There player ought to be off something or balance instead of just being able to steal. I'm simply sick of playing NBA 2K21 because it always frustrates me, as its super basketball is played.

Two things I wished to say. I watched you utilize Burke and silver, if 38 got a shift but have you got some idea? Or have any buddies using? I know it's essentially a myth that 2K"patches" jumpers, but I swear my signal altered today. So that could be what was altered I also utilize Rudy Gay launch. I was struggling and began shooting in the motion and greened mechanically today. The cue went from as the ball got to the very top of my head to nearly when it was in the rear of the head. You look to be an expert so thought I'd ask.

Second, for enjoying the corner, thanks guys out there. I've got over 2300 games played on a glass lock making a living off being at the corner. I really do attempt to maneuver around a bit, maybe switch sides or move back and forth between corner and wing. My main role however is rebounds and shield and I really like it. I will happily get planks and block shots, so long as I'm not ignored on Buy MT 2K21 offense. I will be alright with that if I can put up two threes a game. I found it especially funny when I got shit on for sitting in the corner by an interior force who spammed post hooks.