Interesting in MUT at beginning of year vs end of year

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You got ta do if you're gon kind something that long. There absolutely, unequivocally needs to Madden 21 coins become fewer powerups in the game. And that doesn't mean taking the things which make power up cards unique and placing them onto cards such as team chems that are altering and getting physical chems. People bitch about how skills ruin the game, and just how arcadey everything is, but see no problem with being able to enhance every player +5 rate and some other stat they want just because of a PU card. And getting all the cheese skills because of a PU card. PU's should be limited to also the best of the best, and also a couple players a staff. The Mahomes and Aaron Donald's of the world, not just everyone who has an upgrade. Make the best of never equal and the best actually the very best to everyone else.

Therefore you are saying take the op cards that are broken and make them op. Okay lol, that is exactly what that says. Best tier cards aren't broken or OP, they tier cards for a reason. Every card and the exact same play. There is no reason to utilize Tyreek Hill or a John Ross if any card can get 99 rate. There is not any variety. The best tier cards are still used by people. Are the subject teamers. And there's no variety in how any card performs. Stats completely meaningless's being made by all thanks to PU.

What do you mean? My ed hold a candle to donald with no skills. Vick still out runs every defender. Hill mosses me than moss with moss active. My match has to be broke. Need to buy more bundles to make a 99 play guess. You are using your own personal experience as proof once it seems that is not the case for many others. Just because you are feeling your cards do not play as great does not mean that's the truth. Also: how can be Hill mossing you? Jumping over deion, ntl. Falling away cartoons. People abusing rollout while he is on a post causing my profound third cb to vacate zone.

Interesting in MUT at beginning of year vs end of buy mut coins madden 21 year